MASKX are my newest collection, they're a series of unique 1/1 MASKX that I've created as art pieces. I've currently not set a cap on these but given that I do all my collections individually and not generatively, the numbers will stay relatively low. I am continually adding new assets into the mix though there is a core base of elements I use regularly to create these designs. Regardless, each piece is unique and hand crafted. 
Phase 1 was a series of 100 that sold out. As of July 15th 2022, phase 2 has started. I'll be dropping 25 at a time as they're created. 
Full Commercial Rights
Each MASKX holder gets full commercial rights to the image as long as they are holding the NFT. If sold or traded, they no longer have any rights to the image. Otherwise, use them as album art, tshirt design, products, whatever. I went into this wanting to put something accessible out there for independent musicians and creators looking to attain art at an approachable price.
Print Passes
At the end of the 2022 summer I'll be adding print passes. These passes will be made based on how many collectors are holding a set of at least 6 MASKX. For every 6 MASKX someone is holding when I do the print pass screen shot (DTBA) you'll receive an additional NFT. This NFT is the actual print pass. You can redeem this pass and receive a 1/1, signed and numbered prints of one of the MASKX from your collection. The print passes can also be sold on secondary market if you don't wish to receive a one of a kind print of your MASKX. 
The prints will be 20x20", wit a 18x18" image and a 1" white boarder around it. These are archival quality giclee prints. They'll be shipped directly to you, rolled, signed, and numbered. 
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