Anthony hurd is a fine artist, gallery owner and digital creator. The last couple years his work has been focused around the idea of identity. Why we relate to our bodies, our hobbies, our relationships, or trauma, etc. often dismantling the idea of identity and identifying, and exploring this abstracted disjointed relationship with form. 
Prior Anthony explored psychedelic landscapes as a form of healing grief and loss. They e since embraced change as a part of their process, and loving the act of creating over the story or images presented over time. 
This is a page dedicated to giving folks insight into who and what they are supporting and buying into. The NFT community has been one of the more exciting endeavors Anthony’s been a part of in many many years. It’s an ever changing landscape and as they continue to build collections and communities, they wanted to have a central place to share their intentions. 
The Collections!
Holding any of these three collections on Opensea makes you part of the family. Additionally, anyone who is holding a 1/1 on Opensea, MakersPlace or Foundation, is also included. This also includes the 1/1 holders in my I'm With Stupid collection. Being part of the family means all is fair in love and war, mostly war. JK. What it does mean is that you qualify for monthly raffles of limited edition art pieces and collaborative projects. 
The CUDDLES Collection (including Cuddles Adventures)
A series of 150 hand done, 1/1 digital works. This was my first collection. It was nostalgic and fun, it was inherently weird, and bounced around between a variety of subjects and influences. 
This collection sold out fast but is still available on secondary. 
The MYEYEZ Collection
Myeyez is an on going collection that will be capped at 1000 pieces. It's currently on hold at 150 pieces. They're my first real PFP project, each individually made in procreate, digitally, not generative. I will be releasing these in batches based on demand and may consider a generative batch in the future. 
This collection is current sold out but available on secondary. 
The MASKX Collection
MASKX are my new collection, they're a series of unique 1/1 MASKX that I've created as art pieces. Ultimately my hope is that these will be printed up by the collectors and hung in their homes. I've currently not set a cap on these but given that I do all my collections individually and not generatively, the numbers will stay relatively low. As soon as I gage how far I can or wish to go with these, I'll release more info on a cut off number. 
Currently I'm releasing a few of these a week and have released left than 50 thus far. There are still plenty available on primary market.
What’s raffled and how?
Art will be airdropped each month. All collection holders will automatically be entered by the number you are holding in any of the collections. The more you are holding, the better your odds 
Art will come in the form of various edition sizes. Generally small (5 to 10) but sometimes larger (25 to 50), depending on my mood and also if it's a collaborative project, half will go to my holders and the other half to the collaborators holders. 
While two of the collections are ongoing and will allows more people to join the family, both will have a cap. 

I currently don't intend to release any editions on eth for anything but the holders of my collections unless it's through another project or gallery, curated by someone else. I will occasionally release random editions on tezos for fun, and those will be available to anyone and everyone. 
This isn’t a roadmap 
I’m just an individual Artist who feels pretty damn blessed by the NFT community and wants to do my best by my collectors. I'm trying to keep things simple and manageable, and focusing on the art. I currently do not have a Discord channel, it was just to much for me to manage. If there is someone in the community who'd like to start one and manage it, cool, I'm game for that conversation. But I just can't do it all alone. 
Aside from all the lovely digital and NFT work, I am still a working fine artist showing in galleries around the world. I also manage a small gallery that is part gallery, part art studio here in Albuquerque New Mexico, so I stay busy, and I love it, and I love you, and I am grateful for you being here and forever thankful, though slightly grumpy, and working on my own internal and external messes as each day passes. ha.
Find my NFT work on all the following platforms.
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