Artist Statement:
Anthony describes his work as a selfish endeavor of exploring his own personal demons and understanding the ever changing landscapes of life. It’s a reflection of the extreme ups and downs of life, the losses and gains and the mundane in between. An appreciation of moments and the exploration of memory. From an early age Anthony has had a series of stranger experiences, he prefers not to label it, but it’s shaped his perception of the world, and ultimately it puts a face to his vision in general. It’s a lead him through an array of lovely messes that unfold in ways he’d have never expected.
Anthony Hurd was born is Kansas City, Missouri and raised on skateboard culture. As the weird gay kid who made his own clothes, cut his and his friends hair,  painted all night after skating all day, and played bass in hardcore straightedge bands, he knew all too well that he needed to get out on his own and create his own path.
His art career would start a couple of decades later, after years spent in the entertainment industry doing advertising and subsequently doing freelance work for years following that. The freelance jobs allowed Hurd to get back into painting and explore his creative process again. A series of tragedies; the passing of his little sister, the end of his 18 year relationship and various hard truths that came to that end, shook his foundation and tore apart his identity, allowing him the opportunity to start a new. 
With vulnerability and compassion for himself and others, he's been able to put a voice to previously unspoken moments. Constantly influenced and inspired by skateboard and music culture to this day, and the perspective of being a queer step dad, Hurd has created his own space to tell his stories.

- Current Mood, Solo show. Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles, July 2020
- Suggestivism, group show. Spoke Art/Everyone Loves Recess, San Francisco, July 2020
- Mother Earth: We are all one, group show. Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles, June 2020
- Exploring thew new contemporary movement VII , group show. Thinkspace / PowWow Hawaii, Feb 2020
- Made in New Mexico , group show. Stranger Factory ABQ, Jan 2020
- Everything's Illuminated , group show. Keep Contemporary Santa Fe, Dec 2019
- Re-Beginning - Paintguide , group show. Thinkspace Gallery LA, Nov 2019
- Salute 4 , group show. Nucleus Gallery PDX, Nov 2019
- LAX/MSY, group show. Thinkspace / Red Truck Gallery, August 2019
- LAX/SFO, group show. Thinkspace / Heron Arts, June 2019
- Pareidolia, group show. Antler Gallery PDX, Mar 2019
- Suggestivism, group show. Nucleus Gallery PDX, Jan 2019
- Microvisions, group show. Wow X Wow gallery, April 2018
- Other Worlds, group show. Helikon Gallery, Denver CO, March 2018
- Suggestivism, group show. Spoke Art New York, Feb 2018
- Which Way, That Way show, group show, First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco August 2017
- Annual Group Show, Knew Conscious, Denver July 2017
- Lightning Bolts and Little Sparks, group show, Wow X Wow, London December 2017
- Suggestivism, group show, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco December 2016
- Annual Group Show, Knew Conscious, Denver July 2016
- Annual Group Show, group show, Wind Horse Gallery, Kansas City December 2016
- PaintGuide show, group show, The Unit Gallery, London December 2015
- 25th Annual Mini show, group show, Abend Gallery, Denver CO December 2015
- Journey Into the Other - group show, FlatColor Gallery, Seattle WA May 2015
- Tres Anos, group show, As Issued Gallery Costa Mesa, CA September 2014
- Process of Purpose, group show, LeQuivive Gallery Oakland, CA August 2014
- Irrevert Ecclectic, group show, Madeline Gallery Boulder, CO July 2014
- Neu Folk Revival, group show, LeQuivive Gallery Oakland, CA November 2013
- Wild At Heart II - Beyond Eden, group show, Thinkspace Gallery Los Angeles, CA October 2013
- EleMental CommUnion, group show, Wind Horse Gallery Kansas City, MO Sept-Oct 2012
- Group show at Longhouse Studio. Phoenix AZ, July and August 2012
- "Friends on Small Spaces" B-Side Gallery, Phoenix AZ April 2012
- "Vibration" Group Show, at theSPACE. Phoenix Arizona August 2011
- "Boiling Art at the FREEZER" Group show. Milan Design Week - Milan, Italy - April 2011
- Guerrilla Aid "Art Series" - Group show, Downtown Los Angeles - July 2009
- December group show at Ghettogloss - Silverlake - Los Angeles - November 2008
- September group show at Hive Gallery. Beerotice - Los Angeles - June 2008
- Slaughter House Group show - Palm Springs California - May 2007
- Tsunami Relief Group Show - Los Angeles - July 2006
- Riskpress Gallery - Solo show -Los Angeles - August 2004
- Riskpress Gallery - Group show QDA - Los Angeles - March 2004

- Suggestivism Book - Feb 2019
- Revolver Magazine, commission painting - April 2018
- Bliss Magazine Artist Feature - March 2018
- Blopop Magazine July 2015
- Teros Magazine - 4 page spread April 2015
- Feathers of Inspirations - Out of Step books
- Catapult Magazine issue 24 - 12 page spread and interview
- Catapult Magazine issue 9 - 4 page spread.
- Aesthetic Now Magazing issue #2 - An 12 page article and interview.
- Babyboss Magazine issue# 8 - An 8 page interview about my work.
- Kustom Kicks book 08
- Feed Me Cool Shit Interview
- Adobe Creative Featured Artist
- FWA interview
- FITC 2006 Toronto Speaker (with Mike Kellogg)
- Stash DVD magazine. Issue 14
- Web Design Studios book
- Computer Arts UK, Full page illustration and 25 step tutorial on illustration.
- Rojo (Plus), two page illustration
- Rojo (limited), one page illustration
- ResFest Magazing, full page goofy photos of us Exopolis owners before the res studio tours
- Neomu (issue 2), two page illustration
- Portfolios Online (book), two page feature on my personal site

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